Add £1,588.20 Per Month To Your Bottom Line



My name is Colin Victory and I'm the guy behind VICTORY PICKS.

Over the last 5 years I have seen it all. Tipsters come and tipsters go. There's not many about now that were about 5 years ago and even fewer who can make you any consistent profit at all.

Why have you never heard of me?

Well some of you might have, if you ever picked up a copy of the Racing Post on a regualr basis a few years back, you may have seen the advert for my tipster hotline number.

But as times have moved on, so have I.

My first venture into the online tipping world started last June where I took on a limited number of members for free, since 13th June last year to the end of January 2018 I have made a total profit of £11,911.50

Here's what some of the members who joined had to say...

Dave: "Best tipster I've ever followed"

June: "Only time I've made money on the horses is by following your bets"

Syd: "Its rare I don't see a return every day with your tips Col"

John: "Back to back 50pt profit months, nice work"

Alan: "When does the free trial end and how do I pay you so I don't miss these great tips"

Steve: "Genuine, reliable, profitable, can't ask for more Colin, great service and strategy you have"

The Results Speak For Themselves

Why offer a free trial if I make so much profit?

Its ok me saying I backed this horse and I backed that horse but without a track record I didn't want to charge people to see for themselves. Now with over 7 months of results logged and a couple of hundred members who can verify every single tip.

So here's a break down of the last 7 and a half months.

Month Profit
June 2017 (from 13th) +£473
July 2017 +£2,867.50
August 2017 +£2,833.50
September 2017 +£1,341
October 2017 -£932
November 2017 +£3,236
December 2017 +£982.50
January 2018 +£1,209.50

That's a total of £11,911.50 profit in 7 and a half months, an average of £1,588.20 per month in pure tax free profits. That puts us on target for over £19,000 at the 12 month mark and there has only been one losing month so far.

This is attributed to the strategy in which I use.

I look for profitability in the races. No more than 2 races per day, and I always place 2 bets for each race. So you can expect either, a no bet day, a 2 bet day or most often a 4 bet day.

Get The Same Results With Ease

If you want to add over £1,500 per month to your bank balance then I couldn't have made this any easier to follow.

Each evening I send out my email and all you have to do is follow copy and place the bets that I advise.

Its as simple as selecting the time and place of the race and placing 2 bets on that race as I specify in the email.

Staking advice is always the same, so after just a few days you will be able to do it in just minutes.

If you want to look at every race I have placed, won and lost over the last 7.5 months, no problem, click here to download the spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel File)

How Do I Join?

If you wish to join the service you can by clicking the JOIN NOW link below, but before you do I just want to explain how this works.

This is a pay as you go service.

This means that you will pay for a set period of time. You will never be rebilled for this product. You will get a reminder when your membership is coming to an end so you can continue with the service if you wish.

I like to run the service this way so that if I have another month like October last year I am not automatically going to take another payment off you. Instead I can give you the month after for free and get you back into profit before you decide if you want to carry on after that.

This doesn't happen very often of course with only 1 month ending in a loss since last June.

There are 2 options for you:


Pay for 1 Month (£40) - JOIN NOW
Take a 1 month membership (pay as you go)


Pay for 3 Months (£80) - JOIN NOW
Buy 2 months get 1 free (pay as you go)


My Guarantee To You - Only Pay When You Win

As I mentioned above, any month that ends in a loss will be free of charge and 1 extra month will be added to your membership before renewal is due. All payments are one time payments and you will not be billed automatically again.

On top of this I offer a full 60 day money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the service for any reason you can get your money back for 60 days after the day or purchase. Please note, that 60 days is the length of the guarantee and not the duration of the service. If you sign up for the 1 month offer, you will get my tips for 30 days but your guarantee duration is for 60 days.

Need To Ask Something?

If you need to get in touch, please do so.

If you sign up and don't see any emails from me after 24 hours please do not wait, get in touch so I can put the issues right and you don't miss out on any bets.

If you have a question about our service please feel free to email me on: colin@victorypicks.com or colinvictoryprotipping@gmail.com

Please allow 24 hours for a reply Monday to Friday and emails over the weekend will be replied to on Monday (if I'm not busy at the weekend I will be sat replying to emails).

Happy punting!